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How to Talk to Older Loved Ones About Estate Planning

There is no avoiding the fact that some conversations are simply difficult to have, even with the people in your life with whom you feel closest. One of the most difficult conversations anyone can have is the conversation with older loved ones about what happens to them after they die. Quite often, they don't feel comfortable talking about it. This, despite the fact that everyone will die at some point, and most will die with assets. That means they will have to determine the value of those assets and what happens to them.   While "the conversation" with, say, your parents,… Read More

Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

Quite often, an important part of estate planning involves the establishment of revocable or irrevocable trusts. Those involved in planning for the future should understand the difference between the two.   Both types of trust begin with what is called an inter vivos trust. That is a transfer of property that is set up to go into effect during your lifetime. Of course, the next decision you will have to make will be whether or not the inter vivos trust can be revoked – meaning that you can change your mind about the trust, or if it is irrevocable, which means it can never… Read More