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Beneficiary and Heir Rights

Scriber Law Group, LLC., we recognize that beneficiary and heir rights are important to establish. Thus, we can represent beneficiary or heir who would like to inquire about the status of a trust or estate and believe that the performance of the Administrator, Executor, or Trustee has been insufficient. As an experienced beneficiary and heir rights attorney, we can also represent an Administrator, Executor, or Trustee facing complaints by a beneficiary or heir. Our firm can represent both local and out-of-state clients in Probate litigation throughout the State of Georgia.

What Rights Do Beneficiaries and Heirs Have?

Once a person becomes entitled to a share of trust or estate, it is the duty of the fiduciary (typically an Executor, Administrator, or Trustee) to notify them of what they are entitled to and then deliver it to them according to the applicable rules.

If you are a beneficiary or heir of Georgia estate, no matter where you live, we can assist you in gathering the information needed to understand how the estate of a loved one is being administered. We can also help Beneficiaries of a trust understand how the trust is being run.

Heirs and Beneficiaries have the right to be advised of the contents of the estate and to receive their part of the estate in a timely manner. If you find that the instructions of the Will were not followed or, if there was no Will, that the laws governing distribution of the estate were not followed, you should contact an experienced beneficiary and heir rights attorney for assistance.

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How We Can Help

If you have an interest in a Georgia trust or estate and believe that an Executor, Administrator, or Trustee has not performed their duty and/or has failed to notify you of what you are entitled to receive, our Atlanta attorneys can assist you.

We can assist you through the process of demanding information relating to the trust or estate and then verifying its accuracy, a process known as “an accounting”. Further, we can assist you in getting your share of the trust or estate transferred to your name.

If the performance of the Administrator, Executor, or Trustee is not meeting the legal standards required of a fiduciary, as Atlanta, Georgia beneficiary and heir rights attorneys, we can assist you petitioning the court and having them removed from the role.

Finally, we can assist you with a Will contest or any trust and estate litigation that may arise.

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