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Discussing Death and End of Life Wishes with Those Close to You

While there is an enormous amount of information out there for family members dealing with sick loved ones and their impending death, you may feel uncertain about how to discuss it yourself. You may not be feeling well which exacerbates the difficulty in discussing end of life, or you may still be healthy and in the planning stages, but still uncertain how to broach the subject with your family and loved ones.

Whether you know death is imminent or not, it is extremely valuable to begin planning with the help of a skilled estate planning attorney. In doing so, you can begin planning for nearly every aspect of the end of life, beginning with creating a valid will for Georgia. This is the foundation from which your estate plan is built, allowing for you to designate who will receive your personal effects and assets, as well as setting up guardianships. You may want to discuss these decisions with your family—or in some cases, not. For many family members left behind, however, surprises can lead to major family conflict. Your estate attorney will be able to help you with any concerns about these issues, as well as how to proceed with as little stress as possible.

This is also the time to discuss who should be or who you would like to be power of attorney. You may choose someone outside of your family, such as an attorney or another agent; however, if you are planning on a family member to act in your interest later, this is a serious conversation that should be had. Estate planning also allows you to create advance health directives which outline exactly what type of medical treatment you want in the case that you are incapacitated. You can also choose who will act for you in making sure those decisions are respected.

An open conversation about death, what to expect, and how your affairs are to be handled afterward will help everyone cope in the present—and afterward. If you are working closely with one doctor, it may be helpful to have them in on some of these conversations too, often easy enough to do when you are at an appointment, or you may even want to set up a specific meeting with family so that everyone feels comfortable in understanding your health currently, as well as what to expect. Discuss any wishes you may have about hospice care too, as well as considering other concerns your family may have—and keep in mind that this discussion often benefits the entire adult family.

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