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Estate Planning Lawyers: Work With One You Really Like

Being organized each day is a great feeling—and one many of us continue to seek—as we strive to work better, relax more fully, and enjoy life. That can be taken to another (and very necessary) level with estate planning also, as you assess the present and strategize for the future. In creating an airtight estate plan, you can take all the necessary steps to assure your family and yourself that the nightmare of probate will be avoided. Along with that, you will be protecting your assets and your beneficiaries.

While planning your estate is probably very important to you, it may be a completely new process. Because you may find many of the legal aspects complex and intimidating, this is the time to consult with an estate planning lawyer who is knowledgeable, and who also makes you feel comfortable. You will be making extremely serious decisions that affect not only you, but your family, requiring you to share extremely confidential and often sensitive information. Because of that, you should feel like you can trust your estate planning attorney and feel free to ask as many questions as possible.

Stephen M. Scriber is an attorney who participates in the local community, and strives to offer the following for his clients:

  • Affordability
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience
  • Strong ethics

You must be able to share all the details of your estate, and any concerns, with your estate planning attorney. The process will flow much more smoothly when you are apprised of cost, aware of the information that will be required of you, and are secure in knowing that the attorney you are working with is a specialist in estate planning. Having a good rapport with your attorney is very helpful as you may be learning as you go, beginning with creating a will.

Your estate planning attorney should be able to answer questions about your will, any durable power of attorney that may be necessary, guardianships, health proxies, and far more. No matter the size of your estate—keeping in mind that nearly everybody has one—if you like your attorney and can form a good working relationship, the process of estate planning should be much easier and help you to avoid numerous hassles from estate taxes to issues with creditors.

Are you thinking about planning for the future of your family with an estate plan? Scriber Law Group is a Metro Atlanta firm that can help you with comprehensive planning, as well as other issues such as family conflict and estate theft. Call us at (404) 939-7562 or contact us online to set up a free and confidential consultations.

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