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Inheritance Delay: Is This a Possibility for My Heirs?

If you are over 18 and have anything you want to pass on later, you should consider having a will. As you get older and accrue more property, your needs will probably be more complex all around—and especially as you age and your family grows. At that time, you should consult with an estate planning firm like Scriber Law Group to create everything from a will to an advance health directive, powers of attorney, and one or more trusts. One of your biggest motivators in moving forward to create an estate plan is probably to see that your estate avoids… Read More

Estate Planning: Don’t Prepare to Die—Prepare to Live

If you have assets you know you want to leave to beneficiaries, it is important to consult with an experienced estate planning attorney as soon as possible. Although most of us know this is necessary, it is all too easy to procrastinate. You may consider yourself to be healthy and with many years ahead, but because the financial wellbeing of your family is at stake, you must also be realistic and consider that you could be in an accident, incapacitated, or become suddenly ill. The living trust will benefit you during your lifetime, allowing you to place assets within, and… Read More

Surrendering Asset Control: Is that Required for a Trust?

The key in setting up a trust is to take control of your estate comprehensively, protecting your assets and your beneficiaries. If you are setting up a living trust, you can act as the trustee yourself. If not, you will be putting your estate in the hands of another trustee, and because of that, you must choose this individual very carefully. There are plenty of stories out there about trustees who are dishonest, embezzle, and more, so let the mistakes of others serve as cautionary tales while you name a trustee who will act with honesty and integrity, serving in… Read More

Basic Estate Plans: What are the Components?

While you probably realize you should already have an estate plan in place, many things have probably gotten in the way up until now. You may have felt too busy with work and family to fit in an appointment for a consultation, intimidated by the whole legal process, worried about how much creating an estate plan would cost, or quite simply—like so many others, you may be uncomfortable about facing and discussing plans for after your death. The estate planning process can be simpler than you might imagine though, and especially with the assistance of an experienced estate planning attorney… Read More

Special Estate Planning Concerns for the LGBT Community

Estate planning is necessary for anyone who has property or assets they want to hand down later, as well as helpful for establishing health care directives, any necessary trusts, and more. This is important no matter what your sexual orientation is, and like most, you may find that you are having trouble initiating the process due to numerous concerns. Perhaps you don’t feel like you have enough money to necessitate an estate plan, or maybe the whole process just seems too intimidating to deal with. You may have little spare time due to a busy schedule, and just keep putting… Read More

Receiving Inheritance: Do I Have to Pay Taxes?

As we age or become ill, the term ‘having your affairs in order’ is often used. This means covering numerous facets for after-death planning, to include your property. With comprehensive estate planning, you can control what happens to your assets after you die, along with setting any restrictions if you are leaving an inheritance to younger family members, or perhaps those you worry might be careless with money and property. And you certainly do not need to wait until you are on your deathbed to do so. Estate planning should begin as early as possible, and depending on your situation… Read More

Property Inheritances: What if I Don’t Have a Will?

No matter how old you are, it can be challenging to consider mortality, and the fact that we will be leaving everything behind one day with our heirs receiving property inheritances. You may feel difficulty in moving forward in creating a will because of that anxiety, or like so many of us you may just feel too constricted by a busy schedule to take time out to make an appointment; however, with the help of a skilled estate planning attorney, you should find the process seamless—and invaluable for the future of your family. Without a will in Georgia, you are… Read More

Are Estate Planning Trusts Only for the Wealthy?

When considering estate planning trusts, you should never assume this is something only for the wealthy; after all, everyone has an estate of some size and it should be duly protected upon your death. A trust is usually created for those who have some assets to be handed down, and all to be protected whether in a living trust or one created for after death. Whether you are wealthy or not, a trust is also important for managing your finances in the case that you may become incapacitated, as well as establishing guidelines for those beneficiaries who may not be… Read More

What Are Advance Directives for Health Care and Why Do I Need Them?

It may be hard for you today to imagine needing something like an advance directive for health care, especially if you are currently in good health and in firm control of your life and all decision-making processes. It can be somewhat painful to consider the realities of growing older, but estate planning allows you to look ahead selflessly and provide a way for everybody to know what to do later if you cannot make decisions on your own. And while you may feel like you have plenty of time to plan right now, consider what would happen if you were… Read More

Estate Planning Lawyers: Work With One You Really Like

Being organized each day is a great feeling—and one many of us continue to seek—as we strive to work better, relax more fully, and enjoy life. That can be taken to another (and very necessary) level with estate planning also, as you assess the present and strategize for the future. In creating an airtight estate plan, you can take all the necessary steps to assure your family and yourself that the nightmare of probate will be avoided. Along with that, you will be protecting your assets and your beneficiaries. While planning your estate is probably very important to you, it… Read More