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Resuming Life After a Loved One Passes Away

If you have recently lost a loved one, you may be having trouble moving on and getting back into life as you knew it before their death. This is normal, but for some—and often depending on the closeness of the relationship—it may take longer to heal; in fact, you may find that everyone in your family deals with the death of a parent, sibling, or other relative differently. It may help to talk about the pain you are feeling, or fielding the ongoing concerns from others may just make you feel worse, constantly reminded of the person you loved who… Read More

Revocable Living Trust: Should I Consider One?

It’s no wonder that so many of us put off setting up our estate plans. Unless you are well-versed in estate planning law or have studied up on the subject, many of the terms—and the process altogether—can seem intimidating. You may already be procrastinating or feeling uncomfortable about facing your mortality as you organize your personal effects and assets to be handed down after you are gone, and a learning curve regarding the law may seem like too much to handle. That’s precisely why so many rely on an experienced estate planning law firm like Scriber Law Group for their… Read More

LGBT Estate Planning: Why Couples Must Put Everything in Writing

LGBT estate planning is crucial for couples who will be leaving behind assets after they die and care what happens to them. With a will acting as the crux of the estate plan, you are able to protect your family in the future as well as being able to designate who receives what after you are gone, eliminating as much conflict as possible between heirs—along with providing for any minors, setting up guardianships, and designating an executor. Same Sex Couples Often Have Unique Concerns As you go through the estate planning process, you may want to discuss many of the… Read More

Estate Plan Reviews Should Be Performed Periodically

There are so many reasons you may have put off creating an estate plan, from the typically busy schedule that often keeps us from doing anything that is not of immediate priority to classic procrastination where we aren’t going to do anything until the issue is forced—to a reluctance to deal with our own mortality. When it comes to making your will, however, and putting together all the other valuable details of an estate plan, the best time to do will always be now. If you have loved ones you want to protect financially in the future and have assets… Read More

Establishing Durable Powers of Attorney

Estate planning is mainly about protection—and while this is mainly for your loved ones in the future, it can also be about protecting yourself and the decisions you know you would want to make, even if you were not competent. The estate planning process is one that should be carefully thought out—and carried out—with the help of a skilled estate planning attorney, but it is also one that always carries a sense of urgency behind it. Creating a will and all the other facets of an estate plan should be done as soon as you realize you have personal effects… Read More

LGBT Couples Should Consider Putting All Assets into a Joint Ownership

As we have mentioned before, the ultimate way to get out of estate planning is to leave absolutely nothing behind. And while this is certainly not unheard of, if you have worked hard all your life to provide for your family, that probably is not changing now. Even the most organized individuals will put off creating an estate plan though because of many reasons. Often, we don’t want to face the idea of our eventual deaths—or we feel so full of life today that we are not in touch with the concept of mortality at all. Others find the legal… Read More

Probate Prevention: Five Ways to Protect Your Estate

Making an estate plan is about far more than exerting control after you are gone. It is a way to organize your finances while you are still of sound mind, allowing you to decide how you want to divide your assets. With the help of a skilled estate planning attorney, you can be assured that your personal effects and property will be handed down as you wanted, along with avoiding the pitfalls of probate. Considered by most to be a nightmarish legal limbo that can be both time-consuming and expensive, the probate process is famous for keeping much-needed assets out… Read More

Inheritance Delay: Is This a Possibility for My Heirs?

If you are over 18 and have anything you want to pass on later, you should consider having a will. As you get older and accrue more property, your needs will probably be more complex all around—and especially as you age and your family grows. At that time, you should consult with an estate planning firm like Scriber Law Group to create everything from a will to an advance health directive, powers of attorney, and one or more trusts. One of your biggest motivators in moving forward to create an estate plan is probably to see that your estate avoids… Read More

Estate Planning: Don’t Prepare to Die—Prepare to Live

If you have assets you know you want to leave to beneficiaries, it is important to consult with an experienced estate planning attorney as soon as possible. Although most of us know this is necessary, it is all too easy to procrastinate. You may consider yourself to be healthy and with many years ahead, but because the financial wellbeing of your family is at stake, you must also be realistic and consider that you could be in an accident, incapacitated, or become suddenly ill. The living trust will benefit you during your lifetime, allowing you to place assets within, and… Read More

Surrendering Asset Control: Is that Required for a Trust?

The key in setting up a trust is to take control of your estate comprehensively, protecting your assets and your beneficiaries. If you are setting up a living trust, you can act as the trustee yourself. If not, you will be putting your estate in the hands of another trustee, and because of that, you must choose this individual very carefully. There are plenty of stories out there about trustees who are dishonest, embezzle, and more, so let the mistakes of others serve as cautionary tales while you name a trustee who will act with honesty and integrity, serving in… Read More